Monday, October 27, 2008


しゅうまつはとてもいそがしかったです。こんしゅもとてもいそがしいですよ!きょうはレポをしますそれからあしたと火曜日よくべんきょうします。でも、この木曜日からじしゅうの水曜日までやすみです。I can't wait! やすみはPalisadesやUpstateへじてんやをのります。もしかしたらおじさんとAmerican Musem of Natural Historyへいきます。でも、ハローウィンになにもしません。

Friday, October 17, 2008

Excellent Japanese Learning Tool

This isn't super useful yet, since we're still learning basic grammar, but here ( is an excellent tool for learning kanji/reading Japanese websites or texts. You can put in a passage of text in kanji or a URL and it will convert the kanji to hiragana with definitions when you hover over them with your mouse. Try it out! Might I suggest some of Natsume Soseki's works?

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well today we took our first exam. Usually I stress out over these things way more than I did this time, probably on account of three huge papers on the horizon that I am stressing out about instead. All said, I don't think I tanked the exam, though I definitely didn't knock it out of the park. Oh well. This weekend I plan on getting some quality miles on the bike in, getting some sweet deals at the Trexlertown swap meet, and going to my Aunt Eugenia's memorial service on Sunday. Maybe I'll get to try out my Japanese on some of my relatives. にほんごがすこしわかります。Actually most of them do not speak Japanese either.